The Tourist Development Council knows Panama City Beach has the world's most beautiful beaches, but they want the rest of the world to see for themselves.
"This is an emerging market for us. The international traveler is something that is new to the destination, really," said Jayna Leach, VP of Marketing.
Over the last few years the TDC has marketed towards international travelers, and now they're starting to see the benefits with numbers from last year.
"With their Visa cards they spent $5.4 million in Panama City Beach so this is very important to us. They love Florida and they love Panama City Beach because it's an undiscovered market for them," said Leach.
Majority of those travelers were Canadian, but they are seeing the most progress in Germany and the UK.
"We have PR agencies that are on site, on the ground in those markets that help guide us through the process and so we host FAM tours, travel writers, tour operators here in the destination for those particular markets," said Leach.
Another positive for the international push in Panama City Beach is a new airline coming to an airport on the Gulf Coast in March.
"British Airways coming and flying directly into New Orleans opens up an entire new package for us. So they will land in New Orleans, they can have a beach experience and then head on down south so we're a major part of that in working with them on the packaging to highlight our destination," said Leach.
Currently, the TDC spends $250,000 total on their international marketing efforts.

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