Perhaps one of greatest milestones in my 37 year Law Enforcement career came on December 6, 1973 when I graduated from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, VA and received the J Edgar Hoover Award for Scholastic Excellence.


I had the honor of meeting Clarence Kelley the Director of the FBI, Tom Jenkins Assistant Director of the FBI, Robert Borke the US Attorney General and Frances B Looney Deputy Commissioner of Criminal Justice, New York Police Department who was serving as President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.


Director Hoover died in May of 1972 and Director Kelley was appointed in July 1973. Inspector Jim Cotter was the Director of the Academy. All of these men are now dead but they leave a legacy of having formed the greatest law enforcement agency in the world.


The FBI Academy had the best law enforcement instructors in the world. My career in law enforcement was molded by these instructors. I have worked with hundreds of agents and have only found one that did not live up to the standards that the FBI expects of its agents. I cannot say the same for the Department of Justice that has always been very political.


I am very disappointed in Director Jim Comey. Director Comey was a product of the DOJ and it looks like he brought that leadership style with him when he became Director of the FBI and he surrounded himself with a leadership team that was very political. I believe Director Comey and his leadership team has caused great harm to this fine organization I don’t believe it is irreparable because there are over 14,000 men and women that are trying to do the right thing and protect this great nation and deliver equal justice to all. Director Comey’s management team does not represent  the FBI that I love and admire.