Dear  Beachside Family and Friends,


On March 2 of this year I wrote "When Israel fell into gross idolatry under King Ahab and his wife Jezebel, God anointed two unbelievers to reverse and eliminate the actions of the Ahab administration. God told Elijah “Go back the same way you came, and travel to the wilderness of Damascus. When you arrive there, anoint Hazael to be king of Aram. Then anoint Jehu grandson of Nimshi to be king of Israel, and anoint Elisha son of Shaphat from the town of Abel-meholah to replace you as my prophet. Anyone who escapes from Hazael will be killed by Jehu, and those who escape Jehu will be killed by Elisha!"(1 Kings 19:15-17)


God put two unbelievers in office to destroy the cancer of Baal worship that had infected Israel during the rule of Ahab and Jezebel. They were utterly ruthless in doing so, and God approved. I don't know who God will use to excise the cancer of immorality and cultural rot that has infected the United States of America, but I pray that He will make that person plain to us all. That individual WIL NOT be perfect."


This past Tuesday, it became clear who has been chosen to turn back the tide of secular progressivism in our country. Whether you voted for Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump, the election is now past, and Mr. Trump is the President-Elect.  Some are  excited, and some are horrified, but whatever emotion we may feel it cannot change this fact: on Jan. 20, 2017 Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States of America. 


I am among those who believe that God will use President Trump to turn back the liberal tide that has been eroding the shores of our great nation.  The Bible tells us in Romans 13:1 "Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God." I am confident that God has a plan to bring about change in our country, and that President-Elect Trump is a part of that plan. I know I will not agree with him on all things, but I will show him the respect due his office, just as I have all Presidents before him. I encourage you to join me in prayer for our incoming President. He has requested that we pray that God will grant him wisdom, and we can certainly pray for that. James 1:5 Says "If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. "


The election is over, and many are weary, but the battle for the soul of our nation has just begun. There will be a full-on assault by Satan, his liberal cohorts in government, and the media to stop changes that need to be made. We must he ever vigilant and continue to pray steadfastly for our nation, and our new President . The first battle has been won, yet the war continues. The good news for us can be found in the final chapter of the Revelation. It is this: no matter what the 

devil does, WE WIN!



Pastor Ramon