Tuesday morning Bay County Commissioners approved a multi-million dollar beach renourishment plan. 
Commissioners awarded the contract to "Weeks Marine Inc." The project will address four hotspots on Panama City Beach that have major beach erosion issues.
The guaranteed maximum price of the project is just over $17.8 million. Commissioner Griffitts says it's a high price tag, but it's worth it because the beach is Bay County's greatest asset.
"A little bit more than we expected, but it's a maximum guaranteed price. Our engineers are saying that it might not be that much. We're hopeful that we'll be able to save a few million dollars. One cent of the bed tax is set aside for beach renourishment so it's being used for what it's intended for," said Philip "Griff" Griffitts, Bay County Commissioner.
The project will begin March 1st and is expected to last two months.

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