After six long years, Bubba Smith

graduates from Georgia Tech with a

degree in Textile Engineering. He soon

finds a CEO position in a textile plant in

Lindale, GA near his home town of

Booger Hollow.

Bubba takes over at a struggling

company and decides to get rid of all

the slackers. He knew many of the

employees and wanted to make a

good impression.

On a tour of the facilities,

Bubba notices a guy leaning

on a wall. He can't believe

this guy would just stand

around on the job.

Bubba walks up to the guy

leaning against the wall and

asks, "What are you doing


"I'm just waiting to get paid,"

responds the man.

Furious, Bubba asks "How

much money do you make a


A little surprised, the young

fellow replies, "I make about

$300 a week. Why?"

Bubba quickly has the

Comptroller write a check

and Bubba, hands the guy a

check made out to cash for

$1,200 and says, "Here's

four weeks' pay, now get out

and don't come back."

The man puts the check in

his pocket and promptly

walks out.

Feeling pretty good about

himself, Bubba looks around

the room and asks, "Does

anyone want to tell me what

just happened here?"

From across the room

comes a voice, "Yeah, you

just tipped the pizza delivery


guy $1,200."