Jim Free Realty |  About Our Team

Jim Free Realty and its parent company Jason Free Realty are a family-owned business. Each of the four owners are licensed Real Estate Brokers. They have over 100 years of combined Real Estate experience. Jason Free Realty was formed in 1983 in Rome, GA. Since then, Jason Free Realty and Jim Free Realty have expanded to include Property Management, as well as the Real Estate School. Our companies are licensed in Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

Our property management division in Georgia & Florida manages over 1,000 rental properties.  While the management team serves the needs of our owner/investor clients through marketing, contract negotiations, property maintenance, and asset evaluation. We are also able to meet the present needs of future homebuyers.  

Our companies were formed almost 33 years ago in order to fulfill the philosophy of providing the highest standard of service for people buying and selling real estate. Our company continues to develop cutting edge transactional innovations for the benefit of our customers.  

Our company was recently recognized in Broker/Agent Magazine  (a national publication) as one of the cutting edge companies in Florida and Georgia.

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